Property, Business & Commercial Law: What Glenn Duker, Solicitor and Lawyer, Can Help With

The legal process through which a property ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer is known as conveyancing. After the sale, many checks and searches must be carried out. A solicitor searches and handles all the necessary legal documents for the ownership transfer, and paves the way to a quick and beneficial conclusion when buying and selling. Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, has the qualifications to assist in these matters.

Domestic or Residential Conveyancing

Whether you are an experienced property investor or just buying for the first time, you should get in touch with a good residential property solicitor. A solicitor can not only provide legal advice, but also guide you through all the procedures required by the law. Property law issues usually include: auctioned property, first-time buyer advice, ownership transfer, shared ownership, repossessed property, lease extensions, mortgages, re-mortgages, deeds or gift, equity release schemes and, of course, sales following divorce, separation or death.

Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer is qualified to offer expert advice on: shared ownership leases, court of protection, deeds of gift, transfer of equity, probate sales, declarations of trust, council house purchases and tenancy agreements.

These days you can go into your solicitor™s office or you can get your conveyancing done online, whichever option you prefer. If you opt for conveyancing online, your solicitor can keep in touch with you via phone and email. Getting your conveyancing done online can save you time and trouble while maintaining the quality of the conveyancing work. However, if it seems likely that the conveyancing may be complicated, you would be better off contacting a solicitor directly to discuss.

Commercial Property Conveyancing Solicitors

Selling or purchasing a commercial property is an exhausting task that involves the completion of several stages. Hiring a professional such as Glenn Duker, solicitor, to handle these matters can make it all much easier and beneficial to the one purchasing, and is a worthy investment. Solicitors can offer expert help with each aspect of commercial property conveyancing, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, and solving any issue concerning leasehold transactions. This includes granting and taking leases, lease assignments and renewals, lease variations and re-gears, lease termination, and retail lease matters, such as serving default notices and terminating leases.

Glenn Duker can act as lawyer for the landlords of large sites with many tenants, whether the property is dedicated to retail, warehousing or offices. These legal experts can also deal with estate management and all that it comprises, such as enforcing lease covenants, granting, assigning leases or terminating them, lease renewal and more.

Estate planning and development are also among a solicitor’s duties, as is property management. The properties involved can include hotels, shops, pubs, warehouses, factories, green field sites, brown sites, and so on.

Further Property Conveyancing Help

When you have the help of Glenn Duker, solicitor, the stressful process of conveyancing is no longer a burden to the buyer or seller. Knowledgeable real estate solicitors provide assistance and flag up all aspects of a property transaction that could turn into problems. This sort of early work is extremely helpful in the long run and allows for a faster conclusion. Communication with clients helps ease trouble and find the most appropriate legal solutions for any problems that might arise. If you’re intending to make a business property purchase, a solicitor will tailor the course of action to suit the business goals and characteristics. As well, you will receive regular updates on the transaction process.

You may wish to obtain a written estimate for conveyancing services directly from an online company. Simply provide a few brief details – location and price of the property, whether it is freehold or leasehold and also mention if you need a mortgage to be able to proceed. Make sure that the professional you choose is able to offer jargon-free and informative advice. You will then benefit from a service that adds value to your purchase.

Additionally, a good solicitor should not charge any fee for talking to a potential client and assessing their situation. Once you have decided to proceed with conveyancing, the solicitor or conveyancer should be able to take over, making the process hassle-free for you with no need to interrupt your work schedule for anything more than a bit of paperwork. However, if you have a property transaction that involves complex legal issues, you will need the advice and assistance of a solicitor rather than a conveyancer. Talk to Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, today for expert advice on your conveyancing requirements on residential and commercial properties.